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IDE accommodations, Node.js API bindings among highlights in lead-up to production release


Python rises in RedMonk language rankings

Python trails only JavaScript while Java slips to third in the RedMonk rankings, its lowest-ever placement

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How to describe Java code with annotations

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Deeplearning4j: Deep learning and ETL for the JVM

Aimed at integrating models with Java applications, Deeplearning4j offers a stack of components for building JVM-based applications that incorporate AI

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The next version of standard Java will feature text blocks, garbage collectors, hidden classes, and previews of pattern matching and records

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Kotlin 1.4 M3 release improves Java module support

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Java / gears / moving parts working together / binary code / coding / programming / development

Microsoft ports open source Java to Windows 10 on ARM

Initial changes by Microsoft’s Java Engineering Group and Red Hat will be upstreamed to the OpenJDK project

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What is JPMS? Introducing the Java Platform Module System

The module system introduced in Java 9 makes it easier to organize your code. Here’s a brief guide to working with modules in Java

The letter R as a wired alphabet light board against concentric circles of a halftone pattern.

R language rises with COVID-19 research

R language for statistical computing moves up in the Tiobe index of language popularity, while Rust and Kotlin also gain



Upgrade brings GraalVM native image startup and memory consumption benefits to MicroProfile developers

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How to implement observability with Elasticsearch

3 steps for planning an observable Java application deployment and how to implement it with Elastic Observability

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Gradle 6.5 adds file system watching to improve build times

Update to JVM-based build tool also features improved version dependency ordering

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Rust language tops Stack Overflow survey

2020 developer survey finds Rust ‘most loved,’ Python ‘most wanted,’ and Perl, Scala, and Go the ‘top paying’ languages

Java / gears / moving parts working together / binary code / coding / programming / development


Red Hat’s middleware platform for cloud-native apps now incorporates Java microservices technology

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BlueJ and Greenfoot: The best IDEs to learn Java

You want to get started programming Java, but you don’t want the tools to get in the way? Try these clean, simple, and friendly Java IDEs


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As the groundbreaking platform reaches a major milestone, Oracle plans its future and a Supreme Court decision looms

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使命召唤手游跳舞动作怎么获得,商店就能买 _biubiu加速器:使命召唤手游跳舞动作怎么获得?使命召唤手游是一款力求完美还原现代战争场景的手游大作,在游戏中玩家不仅能体验刺激的枪战模式,还有多姿多彩的人物动作可以体验。很多新手玩家只能看着吧别人的舞蹈眼馋,小编今天就来给大家讲讲使命召唤手游如何获得舞蹈动作。

Kotlin 1.4-M2 brings standard library improvements

Next Kotlin 1.4 milestone release features API improvements and new functions for arrays and collections