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If you have been taking a much-needed mid/late summer break from social media: 1) Congratulations! What a great idea. You’ve not been missing much; 2) But, I have to tell you about this one thing you may have missed: the #medkini kerfuffle.

Here’s the lowdown, from Scientific American:

It initially started with a study published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery that purported to analyze the behavior of 手机能用的梯子. The study, conducted by a team of researchers based at the Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Mecicine, was an attempt to classify the posts of trainees in vascular surgery as either professional or unprofessional.

So, what sorts of posts did the researchers consider unprofessional? From the now-retracted article (not linking to it):

Clearly unprofessional content included: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations, intoxicated appearance, unlawful behavior, possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, and uncensored profanity or offensive comments about colleagues/work/patients.

用什么梯子可以用的吗? - 华为Mate20系列分享交流 花粉俱乐部:2021-12-26 · 首页»版块 › 华为手机 › 华为Mate20系列 › 用什么梯子可以用 的吗? [分享交流] 用什么梯子可以用的吗? [复制帖子标题和链接] 5078 ... 天行vpn都可以用 电脑的吗? 点评 huafen543163207 安卓流畅好用的 发个邮件到 qinhaihai56@gmail.com自动給你 ...ttire, censored profanity, controversial political or religious comments, and controversial social topics.

There are a ton of problems with the methodology of the article, but the #medkini twitter storm came about as a result of the interpretation of the “inappropriate attire” category. Apparently this included photos of vascular surgeons in bathing suits or festive costumes for festive occasions (like Halloween, for example). In particular, all pictures of female vascular surgeons in bikinis (not worn while performing surgery, but rather during leisure activity) were marked “potentially unprofessional”. And those doing the judging were a nearly all-male group.

Here are some of the photos the #medkini and #medbikin folks posted:

Twitter post of a female vascular surgeon showing pics of her performing surgery, speaking at a conference, and sitting by the ocean, wearing a bikini. All things women with jobs do.
谁有能用的梯子我更新一下_Moto Z 系列-联想社区:2021-3-2 · 本帖最后由 171****2615 于 2021-3-2 17:20 编辑 推荐几个稳定运行好几年的,亲测好用。 FaTiao云 → 线路多,用起来简单,一键连接,适用于电脑端和手机端,可以多人一起用。

You can see the abstract here, and more importantly the big red “RETRACTED” stamp all over every page.

Abstract from the retracted article, with a big red "RETRACTED" stamp on the page.
Abstract from the retracted article, with a big red “RETRACTED” stamp on the page.

Okay, so the authors really messed this one up. As did the editors and peer reviewers. The editors apologized here, if you’re interested.

But here’s the problem: why did anyone even think for one minute this kind of judgment was okay? Scientific American has some things to say about it:

We don’t believe anyone had malicious intent. But that is exactly the point. One need not have malicious intent to cause harm. In the same way, the gender pay gap, though perhaps not intentional, affects women, and implicit bias of physicians impairs the care of Black patients. In this case, researchers harmed the medical community by suggesting that speaking up about social causes, consuming alcohol when not working, and wearing a bikini were unprofessional.

The point is not who these researchers are or even what they did in this particular study. The authors, the institutional review board (which is supposed to watch out for ethical problems), the reviewers of the article and the journal’s editors all thought this was worth publishing. This is because in the culture of medicine, harassment and subjugation of those who don’t look like the dominant group is not only tolerated, it’s the norm.

This is certainly common in medicine, but that’s not the only field in which women get judged as unprofessional for their clothing, activities, food and drink, etc. In the interests of solidarity, here are some of our pics:

Me. #bioethicskini
Samantha. #deankini
Martha. #writerkini

Dear readers, did you hear about the #medkini business? Have you been hesitant to post vacation or swimming pics on social media because sexism? I’d love to hear from you, and will respond with scorn for those people who were mean to you and support for you in whatever attire you choose.



(by Cate Creede and Susan Tarshis)


The Canadian government rolled out a new Covid tracing app in Ontario yesterday, encouraging everyone to download the app to anonymously track proximity, so if someone in your environment tests positive for covid, you can be notified immediately.

Fantastic idea, and we jumped on the bandwagon right away.

But then it became clear that this app doesn’t work for older phones — and by older phones, that includes Iphone 6. Which many, many, many people have.

Our friend Elena noted this first:

“Tried to but it won’t accept my iPhone 6 operating system. This means the app presents a barrier for anyone who relies on older phones. Many of those people are economically precarious and thus at higher risk. What could ideally be an important element of social cohesion has become in some ways another act of gatekeeping. I’m a bit dismayed and hope a fix is on the way.”

手机ios安卓和电脑上好用的VPN梯子推荐,毒药机场筛选出的 ...:2021-6-2 · 本文介绍的梯子,都是楼主在过去两三年中精挑细选筛选出来的,主要是对比稳定性,上手难度,安全性,价格,售后服务等多方面维度后做的评测 ...

Thank you for your interest in COVID Alert. The exposure notification framework that COVID Alert relies upon is only available on Apple phones that have been released within the past 5 years.
Specifically, for iPhones, this means any model that is newer than an iPhone 6. The most recent software updates for iOS must be installed – iOS 13.5.
Bluetooth must be enabled on the phone for the exposure notification functionality to work.
The COVID Alert Team”

As Elena underlines, this is a major equity issue. The people most likely to have older phones are the people who are economically marginalized, which includes disabled, elderly and people with chronic illness — who are the people who are most at risk of severe consequences from Covid. Those are exactly the people in our world who noted that their phones don’t work with this.

论行动转化率,平板电脑比智能手机和PC强!-虎嗅网:2021年2月4日 - 手机是打通了互联网和线下社会的“梯子”,让社交变得更为容易。我们也发现智能...使用平板电脑的人更有钱;(情况可能是消费者拥有了电脑、智能手机后才...

“It seems that the feds and the tech humans are so focused on our fears around privacy that they forgot to have a lens around accessibility race and class. This seems to me to be another place that privilege has silently operated to exclude the people who need to be protected most. Those of us with up to date phones, who, let’s face it, fling our information at the corporate vultures with barely a glance at that consent, are all twitchy around being tracked for public health and the developers knew it. But, likely because of who they are and where they are situated (I mean it’s tech, mostly white and affluent and male) they did not consider that energy had to ALSO be put into accessibility. Which means more versions of the app so you can run it on an iPhone 4 or 5. The people in my circle who have old phones and can’t download the app are the vulnerable ones, the ones on disability, with tight budgets or who work in difficult, exposes, lower wage jobs. And yes these are ALSO the people that the greater society criticizes if they DO have a fancy phone. This needs to be rectified and the easiest way is to produce another version. There’s a rover going to Mars FFS. How hard can this be?”

So: get active on this. Send the message that “The CovidAlert app is a great idea, but write a version that works with older phones so we can protect the most vulnerable Canadians.”

Send an email to the help page of the app:


Write to the prime minister’s office:




Like most academics I’m shocked and surprised that is August. How did that happen? Yikes!

August is like the Sunday of summer

August is when I realize I haven’t started all the writing projects I thought I’d make slow but steady progress on over the summer and that I’m teaching a grad seminar in a few weeks in addition to deaning. It’ll all be fine. I’ll get it all done. But the sense of endless summer weeks stretching out ahead of me are gone.


This summer had a slow pandemic-related start in terms of getting to do all the warm weather outdoorsy things I like to do. Like, I’m finally going canoe camping but next week but August is a bit late for my first time out paddling.

Also, I’ve got to say, this year, 2020, the year that started for us worrying about the youngest child and Australian bush fires and has been a blur of Covid-19 ever since, has turned me from a low grade worry wart to a full on ‘anxious about all the people in my life’ sort of parent. I want to give August a stern talking to.

A stern talking to the month of August. Be quiet and behave.

July did see me getting outside more on my bike. In fact, July’s fitness highlights were all bike related. I loved weekends of ice cream rides at Sarah’s farm which included outdoor, physically distant visits with friends. I also loved riding and racing on Zwift where I’ve joined Team TFC.

Here’s the team guidelines which I like and seem to be held to:

  1. TFC is a close knit community so all riders should be ready to help and give advice to all members.
  2. Be passionate about the team and support team mates wherever possible.
  3. All riders should work towards a common goal of trying to improve the team
  4. Respect other riders on the platform.
  5. Respect the ride and ride leader especially if it is another group ride.
  6. In a group ride be ready to help riders who may be struggling.
  7. Remember that the idea of racing is to improve so give 100% every race.
  8. 苹果手机能用的梯子 whether that is a ride, race, workout or a social spin.

I’ve also started getting outside for work visits with coworkers. Wherever possible I’m trying to do things outside. I’m nervous about the winter ahead.

I’ve also been feeling kind of weepy about missing the bike rally and riding with big groups of people. You can make me feel better by sponsoring me in the virtual rally.

我的世界手机版梯子怎么合成_我的世界梯子合成方法讲解 ...:2021-5-2 · 我的世界梯子合成方法讲解水平或垂直行动,(Ladder)是一种木质方块,它是用来水平或垂直的在墙壁上行动。而梯子只能被设置在另一种固体方块上。属性:类型:固体受重力影响:否透明:是亮度:无爆炸抗性:2开采工具:可被任何工具破坏,其中剑最快可再生:是可堆叠:可以(64)

In that spirit, here’s some photos from rides in years past.

教你免费用手机运行电脑版我的世界,手机党福利,萌新一目了然!_...:[视频]时长 07:05

Stay tuned!



1 Cate is still menstruating.

2. Guests Sarah and Cara explain why working out indoors might not be the best idea in the time of covid-19.

3. Tracy explains 什么值得买 - 14个常用Firefox扩展应用推荐 | 好用的Firefox ...:2021-2-25 · 作者结合日常使用场景和使用体会,推荐了14款好用的Firefox扩展应用,并对每款扩展应用的使用操作方法和便利性进行介绍,供大家参考。感谢什么值得买值友daydreamx的用心分享。.

4. Sam wonders where the words are to describe large muscular women.

5. Nicole asks 大佬们求PC上好用的梯子,以前用了很久的... -大佬们求PC上好用的梯子,以前用了很久的最近突然连不上了| (9) 赞(4) 评论(9) 跟帖规范 您还未登录,不能参与发言哦~ 按热度 按时间 手机用户6855987....

6. Catherine gives advice and shares her experience about kayak shopping while fat

7 Tracy asks what we’d change about the fitness industry if we could.

8. And what about the NYT 6 minute workout? Catherine has things to say

9. Catherine blogs|手机/通讯/配件|电脑/通讯/数码|办公用品网 | 易优百 ...:饮料/食品/日用 作业/劳防用品 电脑/通讯/数码 办公设备 办公家电 办公...封箱胶带 自封袋 五金工具/套装 推车 梯子 捆包用品 纸箱/塑料箱 劳防用品 ....

10. Dad bods are in the news again and Sam blogged about them again.

Image: A large spaceship landing hovering over New York City




“Push it up just a notch, go after that moment — you’ve been inside for months, and this is your chance!”

[提问求教]求问各位还有啥梯子pc能用的吗,手贱清了缓存死活没有...:2021年2月15日 - 合集&提问求教合集MKII[提问求教]求问各位还有啥梯子pc能用的吗,手贱清了...码,今天又试了无名,上得了油管但是GBF也没有验证码,我裂开了,不想当手机qk...


It’s a weird time, right now. That goes without saying — but my two outdoor spinning classes in the past couple of weeks just exemplified how everything right now is about adaptation, patchwork, figuring it out as we go along, a sort of slightly unhinged creative edge.

Spinning used to be super predictable, a kind of streamlined and slick activity — dark room, 30 strangers flinging sweat onto each other, music infusing every pore, hard work in sync with a herd. Now it’s 10 bikes spaced out in an alleyway, two decent speakers in the middle, one class with Derek wandering around with Covid hair in his bare feet calling out directions and encouragement, another with Brian continually trying to make the bluetooth work and waving at us with a fancy fan.

Patio tables on Queen St E in Toronto

Toronto has been in “stage 2” of lockdown for a few weeks now, and it’s a stage I’m comfortable with. Shops are open, with masks, with limited numbers of people. Patios are open, with spaced out tables, territory claimed on the streets, and a whiff of gratitude. Services are open, with masks and spacing (in the past 6 weeks I’ve had a dental cleaning, two pedicures, a hair cut, a separate hair colour, three rounds of acupuncture and a mammogram). I had a covid test and drove four hours to visit my mother and my aunt. People are complying, for the most part, with the rules around masks everywhere inside. People are in parks working out, as Nicole wrote about the other day. Most people in office type jobs are still at home, most adjusted (except for that one guy I work with who keeps saying his webcam is “on order.” Um, get it together, Jim!)

I don’t think phase 2 is sustainable from a business point of view, but it’s sure sustainable from my point of view, in the middle of summer, for all the things I care about. And spinning — a class where I really sweat, really push myself — this was the one piece missing from my life.

My first spinning class, I almost cried with gratitude, finding the unique power that comes with the hard class, the pushing that’s different from actually riding an actual bike up an actual hill. (Also good, and I’ve done a fair bit of that too — just different). The different freedom to push hard without having to think about traffic, weather, falling, a flat. Overlaid with this glorious sunshine, a breeze, a coach just diving into the absurdity. Literally savouring every minute — what if this disappears again? Just like the light-streaked first dinner on a patio — a bit of awe and pure joy.

My second class was already a dip back into a bit of routine, Brian’s familiar, confident voice easy, encouraging us to stretch out or slow down, depending on our own bodies. A sequence that challenged the twinge-y nerve I’ve been struggling with in my left foot. But — a rising moon, an open sky, people working hard to make the most of what’s true in our world, catching the scent of creative, collective effort? The shared push of our bodies, even spaced apart and careful?

Truly sublime.

Fieldpoppy is Cate Creede, who lives and spins and breathes in the east end of Toronto. If you want to join us, follow @Torqride on IG. The classes are still announced as popups, usually on Sunday afternoon for the coming week.



I’ve been finding it hard to get into gear with my writing lately and I have been walking the fine line between ‘distracting myself for a while and then returning to the project’ and straight-up procrastination.

Sometimes, I combine distraction, procrastination, and virtue by taking the dog for a walk. This is useful because it moves me, my brain, and Khalee all at once.

However, as always, there’s a sticking spot. Not a sticky spot – that would be a whole different issue.

In this case, it’s sunscreen.

Things have come to a pretty pass when even figurines need sunscreen on a sunny day. Photo source:

I’m not going to argue about the need for sunscreen, I have had enough bad sunburns in my youth (when we would put on baby oil in hopes of tanning MORE) to know that I need it.

But, I hate sunscreen. Absolutely hate it.

It’s a finicky thing to apply. It’s hard to get off my hands. It makes a mess of my clothes and anything else I touch. And I know it mostly soaks in but there always seems to be some left on the surface for me to make a mess with. (and don’t even get me started on the fact that I am supposed to plan ahead and apply it 30 minutes before I go out – I just don’t have that sort of brain)

It’s worth it if I am going to spend a long time outside but it makes for an unpleasant workday if I just want to take a short walk and then return to my desk.

And yes, I could take a shower after my walk but I have usually already taken a shower by that point and I feel conscious about wasting the water. And, since I am the owner of a distraction-prone brain, I don’t necessarily want to add an extra task into my routine.

都8102年了,你还执着于用电脑上网吗?-一品网:2021-9-23 · 是的,非常执著。手机只不过是不能用或者不方便用电脑时的替代品。 -而且贤者时间手机一扔就能顺势睡去 —— 来自 HMD Global TA-1054, Android 8.1.0上的 v2.0.2 手机能开上百个网页不发热吗,能双开网游挂机再看B站吗,我肯定是离不开电脑的。


Today, as all of the above occurred to me, I veered into procrastination and looked up ‘easy ways to apply sunscreen’ and encountered 求一个电脑上能用的梯子 full of hacks for sunscreen application.

I don’t really see myself applying sunscreen with a paint roller but I think it’s hilarious. I may, however, buy some makeup sponges for sunscreen application and see if it helps reduce any of the static for me.

One of the most interesting hacks, though, is the idea of practicing cow face pose* – gomukhasana – in order to put your sunscreen on more easily.

Now, I am all about anything that gets people motivated to move and to stretch and if easier sunscreen application does it for someone, I think that’s terrific. Yoga for Sunscreen Application isn’t a special video yet (I checked!) but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone developed one.

Two people joining hands to make a heart shape around the setting sun. I can only assume that they are both wearing sunscreen. Photo credit: Thanks to Mayur Gala for making this photo available freely on @unsplash


Then, I got to thinking.

What other tasks do you do in your daily life that you could ‘train’ for by doing a specific exercise?

Yes, I know about functional fitness and how useful it is

And, of course, I have done physio rehab for specific injuries and tasks.

[杂谈] 亲们,你们ios都用的什么梯子 - 果粉圈 - IT圈:2021-9-19 · 这才像台电脑!成功刷入windows(刷机包格式:jpg) 电池健康还是100%?用了大半年了 分享了自己的Apple ID,导致经常被锁,还被人尝试改密码 疑似水果12的主板 iPhone模具转自冰宇宙 苹果的高仿数据线可以用软件验证了

For example, my ‘cupboard reach’ exercise from the Wakeout app might be making it easier for me to reach a little further into that top shelf of my cupboard. The logical thing to do might be to use a stepstool or to not store things that high but the idea of training for that reach is fun to me.

Perhaps another yoga pose could help you to reach behind you to put stuff in the pouch of the driver’s seat in your car?

Or a specific exercise could help you strengthen your hand to hold your hardcover book?

What do you think? What minor frustration could you deal with through a specific exercise?

求一款安卓PC稳定的科学上网梯子paqiang软件,fast fast biu biu !...:2021年9月5日 - 线路多,用起来简单,一键连接,适用于电脑端和手机端,可以多人一起用。已经用了...我朋友推荐说西部世界这款梯子用起来很嗨,你可以试试:https:删//xbsj...

Meanwhile, I’m off to take the dog for a walk – sunscreen and all.

*See it here:



“I did try that gym for a few months and managed to barely keep up with the 20-30’s crowd, in much pain, but if they put in a slower class for us ‘mature’ gals, I might try again.”

A woman said this to me on a local Facebook page. She appears to be around the same age as me, based on her FB picture. She had posted a video on that local page, of a group of women (including me) warming up for a workout in the park across from her house. Her post was a variation of “Is there anything more annoying than waking up and having to watch people get fit on a Saturday morning, while I’m trying to drink my coffee and plan which cooking shows to watch.” It was clearly in jest. And, I mean, I love coffee and cooking shows.

A picture from the video shared by a stranger on Facebook, of a group of women, including Nicole, using bands to stretch their shoulders as they prepare for their main workout.

While other people joked about sitting closer to us and eating ice cream while we work out, I couldn’t help but comment that I was in that video and it was fun and she should join us sometime. Her response was the quote at the beginning of this post…..”if they put in a slower class for us ‘mature’ gals, I might try again.” Um, speak for yourself (I kept that to myself).

郑州爱梯电脑有限公司-首页:漫步者音箱 电话咨询 136***2 手机浏览 纠错/管理...郑州爱梯电脑有限公司位于中国河南省郑州市,公司的产品...包装食品、初级农产品、日用百货、洗涤用品、办公用...

Having gone to the gym in question for years, I know there are a number of women in the 20s and 30s range, but there are also a number of women, like me, in the 40s and 50s and older range.

My response was “hmm, I don’t know, I am in my late 40s and have been going for a few years. I find there are good options. If you ever want to just do a friendly few moves I can probably lead us through some things. No pressure. Just love movement. Happy Saturday!”

Don’t blame it on age though. Let’s not limit ourselves. Some days I have to adjust certain movements. Some days I have PMS, or my actual period, and I feel physically more tired, or stiff, or like my uterus may fall out of my body, and I modify things. But not because of my age.

2021最新翻墙方法稳定的安卓手机苹果ios梯子目前可以用的 ...:2021-11-15 · 2021最新翻墙方法稳定的安卓手机苹果ios梯子目前可以用的付费加速器vnp软件国外vpn排行榜 最值得推荐的五个付费VPN翻墙服务知乎免费推荐好用的VPN梯子付费ssr推荐安卓苹果ios电脑 加速器 …

If I worried I was too old to participate in the park workout with my gym, here’s a short list of things I would have missed on Saturday:

  • a friendly chat with other women while waiting to workout;
  • stretching in a fun way, that I wouldn’t take the time to do myself;
  • working on my balance while I did a combination lunge and row on the fence;
  • challenging myself on weighted walking pulse lunges, that I would never do on my own;
  • giving myself an internal pat on the back for my rockin’ push-ups with plank taps;
  • being surprised that my beast hold was better than usual;
  • practicing sprints, which I am mediocre at (I am a slow, endurance runner), but which I should be doing anyway; and
  • enjoying the sun on my face while I stretched afterwards and the sweat poured off of me.

Whatever the proposed form of movement is, “Age, Shmayge”, I say. Figure out what you can safely do, something you enjoy doing, and want to do, something that benefits you, and do it. If you don’t like doing something, don’t blame it on your age.

Nicole P. is loving her Saturday morning park workouts.


apple TV 4K 与我的卧室影院(附使用教程) - 败家不息 ...:2021-5-8 · 总结:如果你不懂爬梯子,也没有下载电影的习惯(换言之,你只看在线视频),那么apple tv 4K 是无用的。 Apple TV 4K主要有三种用途: 1. 投屏,把iphone和 ipad的画面投射到电视上。当然小米盒子也有这个功能但是使用体验比APPLE TV差很多(流畅度 2.

I’ve tried many times to enjoy it, but it’s just never clicked. I’m not quite sure why. I love lakes and swimming in them. I love the quiet. I love being alone. I have great upper body strength and I love using it. So on the face of it, there’s no good reason why I shouldn’t enjoy kayaking, since it’s comprised of things I love. I guess it’s somewhat boring. But so is running, and I love that. 

However, this summer, being at a cottage on a lake with children not at camp and therefore around all the time, I’ve started to change my tune. I have a five-and-a-half-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son, both of whom have boundless energy. We have an ocean kayak which is big, sturdy, and easy to maneuver. 

Desperate to find activities to entertain them, at first, I’d take one of them out at a time, perched on the front of the kayak. My daughter is a huge chatter box, so I kayak, she navigates, and entertains me, talking about nothing and everything. Last week, we saw a deer and her baby on the shore. It was beautiful. 

I started to kind of enjoy kayaking. 

My son can kayak himself, but we wanted to go out together. So, when he positioned himself on the front of the boat, he also brought along his own paddle and we had fun synchronizing our paddling and getting some good speed. A different kind of fun. The enjoyment level was rising. 

This week, we upped our game. 

My son wanted to take me for a ride. How could I say no? I propped myself on the front of the kayak (I’m small) and he paddled me around. We pretended we were in Venice and he was my gondolier. I could get used to this.

But today took the cake. Here’s how our morning went. First, blow up an enormous inflatable unicorn. Second, tie the unicorn to the back of the kayak. Third, throw the boat and unicorn in the lake. Fourth, put daughter up front on kayak, son on the unicorn, hop into the kayak myself, paddle in hand, and depart. 

The lake was calm.

Unicorn and son in tow, navigator at the helm, we kayaked all the way to the point and back. Still, we wanted more. So we went past the dock and then, after about 45 minutes, looped back home.

电脑梯子软件 |百信众联手机:2021年11月5日 - “古有孟母三迁,今有择校而居,家长为孩子能有更好的学习情况辛劳奔忙的程序从未制止。 ”在该信中,顺德法院称,虽然充实明白列位家长的舐犊之情,...

Image: Blue sky with voluptuous white clouds, calm lake, woman in pink shirt and black cap paddling in a red kayak with her five-year-old daughter perched on the front, pulling a large inflatable white unicorn with a rainbow mane, atop of which her son is sitting.
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See Wheels of Change: The Impact of Bicycle Access on Girls’ Education and Empowerment Outcomes in Rural Zambia.

“Previous evidence suggests that providing bicycles to school girls reduced the gender gap in school enrollment in India, but little has been known about the impact of bicycle distribution programs in sub-Saharan Africa and whether such programs can increase girls’ empowerment. In rural Zambia, researchers partnered with World Bicycle Relief (WBR) to evaluate the impact of bicycle access on girls’ educational and empowerment outcomes. The study found that the bicycles reduced commute time, increased punctuality to school, and reduced the number of days girls were absent from school by 28 percent in the previous week. The program also improved measures of empowerment, including girls’ sense of control over the decisions affecting their lives (i.e., their “locus of control” increased). Researchers did not find evidence that the program impacted school dropout or grade transition. “

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Here on the blog we tend to think of the connection between bicycles and feminism as a historical thing. I’ve written lots about that and I’ve given quite a few academic talks on the connection between the history of feminist activism in the west and the history of bicycles. See my post about the anti-bike backlash of the late 1800s here:  Bicycles: Making good women go bad since the 1800s.

However, bicycles are still playing a role in improving the lives of girls and women all over the world. In many parts of the world, the choice is between biking and getting a drive from parents. But in many other parts of the world it’s the possession of a bicycle that makes getting to school possible at all. Often girls don’t have access to bicycles (and as a result, schooling).

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“On yer bike” for oh so many reasons, but weight loss isn’t one of them

In April, which feels like years ago in terms of the pandemic, Catherine asked, Does COVID-19 care what you weigh?

The answer, not surprisingly, then and now, is that it’s complicated.

Catherine concluded, “I don’t work in medicine, but I do know that there is a humongous evidence gap between what’s happening clinically in a particular hospital and its patients (each with their own complex medical and other histories), and what is true about everyone with higher BMIs in the US (not to mention other countries) with respect to risks related to COVID-19. Right now we can’t say much of anything. So maybe we shouldn’t. Which means the answer to my blog title question is, “we don’t have evidence right now to answer this question”. It doesn’t make for exciting news copy, but it’s the closest thing to the truth right now.”

But nevermind the fact that it’s complicated get in the way of a feel-good media campaign. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans an anti-obesity/anti-COVID-19 campaign, with bicycles front and center.

I have lots of complicated thoughts about all of this. And it’s not helped by all of the cycling advocacy groups which make up a good chunk of my social media newsfeed sharing news of the plan enthusiastically. Treehugger proclaims, Miracle Pill Found for Fighting COVID-19: The Bicycle.


First, it’s not at all clear that if you had to pick one thing to work on to improve COVID-19 control in the United Kingdom it’s weight loss. How about mask wearing? Contract tracing? Or speedy testing? There are many areas in which the UK’s COVID-19 response is lacking. I wouldn’t start by blaming individual citizens for their excess pounds.

Second, it’s not clear that there is a shred of evidence that ‘eat less, move more’ public health campaigns do anything other than shame fat people.

Here’s an obesity doctor’s assessment, “I find it impossible to fathom that anyone with even an ounce of knowledge of the complex, multifactorial, chronic, and often progressive nature of obesity should in this day and age still fail to understand that the proposed plan, which includes the usual talk of changing the food environment (largely by appealing to personal responsibility) and a 12-week weight loss plan app [sic], focussed on healthy living (read, “eat-less-move-more”), is about as likely to noticeably reduce obesity in the UK population, as taking out a full page ad in The Sunday Times stating that “Obesity is bad!”.”

And here’s Susie Orbach’s response in the Guardian: Britain’s obesity strategy ignores the science: dieting doesn’t work.

Third, there are so many, many reasons to encourage people to ride bikes–less pollution, better mental health, happiness, etc–we don’t need to add one that isn’t true to the list.

Note that Boris, like me, is a regular cyclist, who is thought to be by many people someone who could do to lose a few pounds, or even stones, as they say over there. Normally I’m out there defending fat cyclists like me and Boris. See Fat cyclists in the news and Big women on bikes and Pretty fast for a big girl and Not all cyclists are thin and Fat lass at the front?. It’s a thing I write about a lot.

手机ios安卓和电脑上好用的VPN梯子推荐,毒药机场筛选出的 ...:2021-6-2 · 本文介绍的梯子,都是楼主在过去两三年中精挑细选筛选出来的,主要是对比稳定性,上手难度,安全性,价格,售后服务等多方面维度后做的评测 ...

Note we’re different kinds of cyclists but neither of us is thin.

I love bikes but I hate to hear them promoted as weight loss tools.

Because, they’re not.

I love to ride my bike. I’m on track to ride 5000 km this year, or about a 100 km a week. You can follow me on Strava, here. On ZwiftPower I’m here. I’ve been doing this for years and I can assure you it’s not making me any smaller.

And I worry that if people start riding to lose weight, and they don’t lose weight, they’ll quit and miss out on all the other benefits of moving through life on two wheels. For example, cyclists are the happiest of commuters.

What bicycling feels like every single time!

In 电脑端能用的梯子 I give some of my reasons for riding a bike, “There are lots and lots of reasons to ride bikes. Some are health related. It’s also a terrific stress relief, and it’s good for the environment. It’s an easy way to incorporate exercise into your day. It’s good to spend more time outside. As well, it’s a sensible financial move. Driving, once you add up the costs of car payments, parking, insurance, and gas is an expensive way to get around. And I agree with all of these reasons but on their own they might not be enough to get me out the door and on my bike. What does it then? The sheer joy of cycling. On my bike I feel like I’m 12 again. Whee, zoom!”

Here are some more reasons people ride: